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          RFID fixed asset management to a certain extent can be regarded as a new version of the asset bar code management system, but also in the future the development trend of asset management informationization, can complete the long-distance range, rapid, large-volume identification of dynamic data, and anti-pollution, it can be a very convenient solution to the company in the good management of the assets encountered in the problem. Problems, especially inventory rate can be increased tens of times. Walking around can easily complete the inventory work, inventory reports are automatically generated.

What Makes Up an RFID System?

1、The system establishes a reliable information-based asset management file, automatically binds and enters the information of labels and assets, which can realize the


supervision of the whole life cycle of assets.



2、The system can provide accurate and effective reference data for enterprises, improve the efficiency of asset utilization, avoid duplicate procurement and asset waste, and improve the return on asset investment.



3、Using handheld terminal inventory assets export reports, all-round improvement of data accuracy and ease of operation, saving time for asset inventory.



4. The system can realize real-time location query and trajectory tracking of valuable assets, to ensure asset safety, the enterprise real-time grasp of fixed assets, you can rationally configure the assets, to achieve the fixed assets tracking.



5. Asset management is more flexible, through the RFID tags informative, data can be modified characteristics, can be realized to convert all kinds of management activities into information to be recorded and reflected.

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