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RFID livestock management system


       RFID Livestock Management System can be applied to a variety of animal husbandry, such as pig raising, cattle raising, sheep raising, etc.The system is particularly suitable for large farms where manual management is difficult and time-consuming. With RFID systems, farm managers can quickly and accurately identify the location, activity and health of each animal, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

RFID System Components:


1.To install RFID tags for each animal, RFID tags can be bio-glass tube subcutaneous injection or installation of RFID animal ear tag, each tag contains a unique identification number, which can be read & entered by RFID reader, the background to establish a binding data information;



2.Installation of RFID reader & RFID antenna:

RFID readers can be installed at the entrance gate, feeding area, milking station and other key locations. When the animal passes through the reader, the reader will automatically detect the tag and record the animal's information, such as identification number, location, health status, etc.



3. Connect the RFID reader to the management system through the device's communication interface, such as network port, serial port, 4G, WiFi:

RFID sensors are connected to a central management system that collects and analyzes data from the readers. The management system can provide real-time information about the location, movement and health of each animal.



4.Monitor and analyze data: The management system can generate reports and alerts based on the collected data. Query the records of pedigree and ability determination of breeding animals. Based on the above data, the system can automatically generate analysis reports on the number and capacity of animals; record reports on immunization and other key tasks;


For example, if an animal is not eating or drinking enough, the system will send an alert to the farm manager to take appropriate action.

Market  Data Advantages


      Market Data Advantage:  According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global RFID market is expected to grow from USD 16.95 billion in 2020 to USD 34.31 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 12.7% during the forecast period. Increasing adoption of RFID technology in various industries including agriculture is driving the market growth. The use of RFID in livestock management improves efficiency, reduces labor costs, and increases productivity, making it an attractive investment for farmers and investors.

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