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     In view of the significant features of RFID, this paper combines RFID with information intelligence analysis and decision-making technology to study the intelligent management method of RFID-based warehousing and distribution of the apparel supply chain. First of all, based on the analysis of RFID-based supply chain warehousing and distribution operation process, to explore a RFID-based clothing supply chain warehousing and distribution intelligent management system framework, and establish the picking and distribution optimization model.



In the inventory activities, real-time access to clothing information, including the warehouse garment receiving, warehousing, order picking, warehousing, as well as inventory clothing product statistics. When the whole box of clothing with RFID tags into the RFID reader magnetic field sensing area, the RFID reader will automatically capture multiple tags in the information, and will be transmitted to the warehouse management system (Warehouse Management System, WMS).



In the process of warehousing, the application of RFID automatic diagnosis system information anti-collision function, can read a number of different RFID tags, confirm the number of garments in the warehouse, type, etc., and can track the process of garments into the warehouse to ensure that the goods are put into the accurate cargo space, and at the same time, automatically generates the storage rack storage address and other information, the WMS system according to the information to automatically carry out the change of cargo information in the cargo space to confirm.



When out of the warehouse, when the pallet or forklift loaded with garments passes through the fixed read-write installed in the access control, the RFID tag information on the garments is read, and the system checks the information with the shipment order and updates the status of the garments in stock.'' . For the replenishment of best-selling garments, the RFID system automatically displays the inventory status of such products, as well as the details of the model, color and size of the products that need to be replenished, prompting replenishment information. In addition, the RFID system automatically counts the inventory status of apparel products, gets the stay time of each type of apparel (including model, color, size, etc.) in the warehouse, and discovers which type of apparel is slow-moving and out of season, so as to provide managers with decision-making information such as price cuts and promotions and to promote the sales of products.




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