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RFID in Automotive Production Line


       With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the level of automotive technology has become increasingly sophisticated. The mass production and use of cars have improved the intelligence of production process management. The application of RFID technology in production line monitoring enables automatic control and detection, leading to cost savings.

        RFID technology is applied in monitoring welding operations on the automotive production line through the use of durable, high-temperature resistant, dust-proof, metal-proof, and magnetic field-proof RFID tags. These tags enable automatic identification and storage of operational instructions (such as vehicle information, welding instructions, and programming) in the target tray. To minimize interference from personnel and machinery, the antenna is positioned at a higher location on the welding production line. The strong pollution resistance and durability of RFID tags greatly reduce identification errors and effectively enhance the visibility of the internal supply chain.

      As the final stage of automotive production, the assembly workshop involves numerous components and processes, playing a crucial role in ensuring the quality and production progress of vehicles. Any interruption in the assembly process leads to delays. In the assembly production line, particularly in the JIT (Just In Time) production system, raw materials and components must be delivered to each workstation on time, and inventory and material supply must be synchronized with vehicle assembly progress.

        RFID technology is widely used for production line control, enabling automatic control and data collection. Each RFID tag can be uniquely identified, and through the application program, information such as the origin and source of each product, the position in the production line, the production process, and inventory status can be recorded, providing effective management of production and inventory adjustment.





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Application of RFID in Automotive Assembly Production Line