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     RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a popular solution for automated parking management systems. This system enables efficient and effective management of parking lots by automatically identifying and recording vehicle information using RFID tags.

      It can be applied in various settings, including public and private parking lots, airports, and shopping centers. In public parking lots, the system can help manage limited space and prevent unauthorized parking. At airports, the system can improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. In shopping centers, the system can enable efficient parking management and improve customer experience.

What Makes Up an RFID System?

1. Install RFID Integrated Reader at entry and exit points to detect and read RFID tags on vehicles.



2. Assign unique RFID windshield tag or ABS metal tag  to each vehicle and link them to their registration and payment information.



3. Configure the system with pricing rules, time limits, and other parameters based on the parking lot's requirements.



4. Develop an administrative interface that allows managers to monitor parking activity, view occupancy data, and manage payments.

Parking Lot Access Control based on UHF RFID technology:



1. Install RFID windshield tags or ABS metal tags for all vehicles as vehicle identification
2. UHF RFID readers are installed on the lanes of each entrance and exit. According to different site environments, some are fixed and some are split, so as to quickly identify vehicle electronic tags at the best angle.
3. The system records the entry and exit records of each vehicle, and charges in the background accordingly.
4. Infowise's reader supports the latest EPC C2G2 protocol EPC Class 2 tags are enhanced Gen 2 Class 1 tags.

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